The three members that comprise Ex-Boyfriends were left in a large basket on the doorstep of a family of musicians late one night in the winter of 1975. Who left them is not entirely clear but the note read something about three Ex-Boyfriends being more than any single parent could handle. What is clear, however, is they were raised by this loving family of talented musicians and grew up to become the rock-n-roll juggernaut you know and love today as...Ex-Boyfriends.

Or not. What's far more likely is that Ex-Boyfriends came about by chance. Colin and Chriso met right after Chriso moved to San Francisco in January of 2003. With Chris' former band Crowns on 45 broken up back in New York and Colin's band Amscray with a final show on the horizon it seemed like the perfect time to start something new. After a false start with a cranky bassist who quit after one practice, Chris and Colin began writing and playing as a duo until Colin called on Peter, guitarist and lead vocalist for the East Bay band Charmless who had shared many a bill with Colin's former band. With the power trio format firmly in place they began writing in earnest with Colin on guitar and vocals, Peter on bass and vocals and Chriso on drums with the occasional backing "ooh" or "aaah". The name came up as a bit of joke - wouldn't it be funny to walk onstage and say "we're Ex-Boyfriends"? Maybe some people would think they actually were. And there were so many exes - both of the musical and romantic variety in their past - it seemed like a suitable name.

So they wrote and they practiced and they played a ton of shows all over the Bay Area and beyond. They released their first album, Dear John in February of 2006. And now, with their second album, In With, poised for release on November 20, 2007, Ex-Boyfriends are ready to leave their basket-on-the-doorstep days behind them and hurtle full speed ahead into the giant bowl of pudding that is rock-n-roll. And they really love pudding.
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