SF Station
January 10, 2005
A quote from Ex-Boyfriend guitarist/vocalist Colin Daly on the band's website basically tells you all you need to know. "I think bands that can't write a catchy song to save their lives call themselves experimental." Experimental they're not, but up-front fun and catchy pop is their specialty -- and they do it up right. The music is more about breakin' up than makin' up, but you can dance to it all night (and it's still in your head the next morning). So make sure to arrive early and check out the evening's openers. The local gay trio -- a fact I mention more because it's interesting than overtly important to the music -- had a great 2004, playing out a ton and developing a strong local following. They are currently finishing up a brand-new full length and will play some of that material at the Du Nord appearance.
- SF Station

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